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The direct global marine insurance premium is estimated at $22 billion. The London insurance market currently underwrites around one sixth of this figure.

This makes London the largest market for marine insurance. Londonís position as the major marine insurance market has spawned a maritime industry infrastructure including maritime lawyers, marine loss adjusters, shipping companies and banks specialising in the maritime industry.


This maritime industry is valued as a significant multiple of the premium income figure shown above and is a major contributor to the UK economy.


Inevitably, contractual and insurance disputes arise from maritime commerce involving a labyrinth of conflicting parties all seeking to assemble the strongest team of specialists to best represent their position.


The availability of such specialists has been restricted to a limited list of individuals. It is our belief that there is an opportunity to expand this list of individuals and offer a menu of support services to these individuals. 

Generic Expert Register will provide the following services;

(i)        Active Marketing of Expert services to Solicitor, Accountancy and other Professional groups



(ii)        Office and Secretarial services to individual expert



(iii)       Other information services


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